Welcome to Kabe Exploration Inc.

We are a San Diego, California based E & P Company. The company’s purpose is to acquire oil and gas assets, oil and gas exploration, refinery and pipeline sectors of the energy industry to build shareholder value.

Energy & technology

Meeting the increasing demand for energy poses many challenges: increasing efficiency, developing new supplies and safeguarding the environment. Technology will play a critical role in meeting these challenges.

Producing energy

Breakthrough technologies  — have helped keep pace with rising global energy demand by making more energy supplies available, while also reducing the environmental footprint of energy development. Technology is more important today than ever, since a significant portion of the world’s oil and gas resources is located in challenging environments such as deepwater, heavy oil/oil sands, tight gas and Arctic regions, which require innovative approaches to energy production. We plan to utilize a technology known as the Gas Gun instead of traditional fracing shale plays, which is safer and environmentally friendly.

Canada’s oil sands are ranked third only to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela in terms of recoverable oil reserves. We recognize there is concern among a range of stakeholders regarding the increased energy intensity and water use associated with developing oil sands.

According to Environment Canada, Canada’s oil sands industry has reduced production-related emissions by almost 30 percent per barrel, since 1990. We recognize there is still work to be done.

Community & Development

As we invest in communities, we pursue long-term projects with strategic goals that are aligned with global and social priorities as well as our business strengths. We seek to have a more meaningful impact by focusing the majority of our spending on significant challenges in the regions where we operate.

The appetite for oil and other energy sources is growing dramatically, with worldwide energy consumption projected to increase by 36 percent by 2035.
The growing demand is fueled by a population that is predicted to increase 25 percent in the next 20 years, with most of that growth in countries with emerging economies, such as China and India. Rising energy demand from economic output and improved standards of living will likely put added pressure on energy supplies. For example, in China alone, demand is expected to increase by 75 percent by 2035.

Meanwhile, in the Western world people are driving their cars more each year and living in bigger houses that are equipped with an increasing array of energy-demanding appliances and electronics.

At Kabe Exploration, we recognize the world needs all the energy we can develop, in many potential forms. That's why we're investing in a broad portfolio of energy resources. We're finding and developing conventional and new sources of oil and gas.

  • We're using energy more efficiently.
  • We're investing in renewables and the next generation of energy sources.

Finding More Oil and Gas

Even if the use of renewables triples over the next 25 years, the world is likely still to depend on fossil fuels for at least 50 percent of its energy needs. New technologies are helping us to see more clearly beneath the Earth's surface. These advances allow us to maximize the production of existing oil & gas fields and to re-enter drill deeper than ever before so we can locate and recover resources that were once considered too difficult to develop.

Using Energy Wisely

Energy Efficiency is the cheapest and most plentiful form of new energy the world has. Our affiliates are devoted to helping schools, government agencies and businesses use energy more efficiently and reduce energy use. We work with some of the largest EPC firms and installers of solar energy systems for internationally which helps clients reduce energy usage by 30 percent on average.

Meeting the Demand

Growing demand, geopolitical pressures, and more remote and challenging resources continue to change the global energy landscape. The decisions we all make today—whether they involve investing in a multibillion-dollar oil project or purchasing the family car—may have long-term energy implications.

It is important that we face the challenges and embrace the opportunities because energy—both its production and its use in an environmentally safe manner—is a platform for broader economic growth and improves the quality of life of people around the world.